Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Miriam Rocek

Despite what you may have heard, Miriam Rocek is not real.

She is a legend - a rumor exagerated far beyond the realm of truth.

Those who claim to have heard her eldrictch cries out on the moon lit moors are either mad or lying.

Nevertheless the stories persist and there are those who claim to have seen, even spoken with Miriam Rocek, to have visited her dwelling, a place usually described as like going inside a living jellyfish, made of mirrors. No doubt many of them actually believe what they say. Such is the power of myth and folklore to alter human perception.


  1. Our first contestant to sign up, sure has a creative way with words! The challenge is out there ladies can you artifical beard up or not? If you wish to compete, sign up with any KREWE de CROIX representative, or E-Mail the General direct at: Dennis@Dickerson.net.

  2. Hi Dennis! (It's actually "Rocek" with a "c.")